HMD Professional Gel Nail Removal Pads (70 pieces)

- HMD Professional Pre-acetone "Ready-To-Use" individual foil removal wraps 


- Trouble-free removal of all UV and LED nail gels


- Skin safe due to reduction in acetone


- Perfect for use on both fingers and toes


- Package includes 70 pieces of removal wraps

HMD Professional Gel Nail Removal Pads (70 pieces)

  • How to use (see the last photo of the listing):

    Step 1. Buff your nails with a nail file, removing the top coat of the gel polish

    Step 2. Tears the top of the wrap along the dotted line.

    Step 3. Wrap your finger inside the package, make sure your nail against the pre-acetone cotton pad.

    Step 4. Secure tightly around the finger by folding the wrap onto the sticky strip (IMPORTANT). Soak off time around 10 minutes. Soak off time is for guidance only, actual times will vary depending on brand, colour and thickness of the gel that is being removed.

    Step 5. Gently scrape the gel off with an orange stick or similar. If there's some that seems hard to remove, put the finger back in the wrap to soak for a little longer then try to scrap again.

    Step 6. Clean up each individual nail, and it is done!